Champney Dustless Blasting

The fastest, most cost-effective mobile surface preparation option in Central Virginia

Services Include

Surface Cleaning

The perfect tool for cleaning and de-painting any type of masonry

Paint Strip Removal

Removes paint or thermoplastic completely, leaving no trace behind


Ideal for property owners, commercial management companies, contractors, and municipalities


An amazing power punch for removing all paint, rust and body fillers from the surface

Wood Restoration

Excellent for the removal of paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain and any other coating from wood quickly and easily


Blast off tough years of anti-fouling paint and marine life that plagues your boat without damaging your gel coat on the fiberglass

About Us

Champney Dustless Blasting  is the fastest, most cost-effective mobile surface preparation option in Central Virginia. Champney Dustless Blasting can quickly remove virtually any type of coating from any material leaving it clean and sealer, paint, or stain ready without creating heat or a dust plume.


The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. By introducing water we’re drastically increasing mass and energy the machine is putting out, while eliminating dust.

Imagine throwing a handful of dry sand, versus throwing a handful of wet sand; which one is going to have a more significant impact on the target? Not only will the wet sand hit the target harder, but it won’t disintegrate and become a cloud of dust like the dry sand will. This is the very simple principle behind Dustless Blasting.

Why Use Dustless Blasting?


Safe on any Surface

Perfect for restoring all types of surface including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and much more.


Eco- friendly

Our System uses 100% recycled glass media. Our Machine is DUST FREE and can be used anywhere.


Fast and Effective

No sanding or grinding. We can blast clean any surface in no time.

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